In accordance with the ethical rules and regulations adopted by the leading international publishers, the editorial board of the journal АKАDEMICHESKIY VESTNIK URАLNIIPROEKT RААSN (ACADEMIC BULLETIN OF URALNIIPROEKT UNDER THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION SCIENCES) has adopted the following ethical guidelines to be necessarily observed by all participants in the process of publishing scientific materials, namely: authors, reviewers, members of the editorial board and the publisher.

In adopting the given statement, the editorial board shall follow the standards adopted by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE):

1. Equality of all papers (authors) for the editorial board and reviewers;
2. Objectivity in reviewing the manuscripts;
3. Standard of originality (inadmissibility of plagiarism and self-plagiarism);
4. Credibility of cited data and originality of submitted papers;
5. Absence of conflicts of interests.
6. Confidentiality – the obligation not to disclose any information about the submitted manuscript to anyone but the editorial board and reviewers;
The decisions on publication shall be based on credibility, scholarly importance, scientific relevance of the paper in question, and the authors’ compliance with the following ethical standards.

1. Ethical standards for authors
1.1. When submitting the paper to the editorial board, the authors thereby shall confirm that the given paper is not being considered for publication by the editorial board of another journal, and has not been published in open access sources before.

1.2. The authors shall bear responsibility for the content of the paper. Submitting papers with unreliable or falsifi­e­d data shall not be permitted.

1.3. Authors should be aware of their copyrights and respect such rights of other authors. All materials protected by copyright may be cited in the paper only with the permission of their owners. A respective correct reference should be made in case of borrowing materials from other researchers. All borrowed phrases, text paragraphs, or pictures should be included with the mandatory reference to the original source. Any quotations without reference shall be considered by the editorial board as plagiarism.

1.4. Authors shall bear responsibility for plagiarism, be it intentional or unintentional. The editorial staff shall understand plagiarism both as verbatim copying and paraphrasing of someone else’s text. All forms of plagiarism, including borrowings, paraphrases, or appropriation of someone else’s research results shall be deemed unethical, and in case any plagiarism is detected, the paper shall not be accepted for publication.

1.5. The authors shall be responsible for indicating the sources of financial support for the project, the results of which are described in the paper submitted for publication.

1.6. After the paper has been accepted for publication, the authors shall guarantee that it will not be republished.

2. Ethical standards for reviewers
2.1. All papers submitted for publication in the journal shall be subject to mandatory peer review. Peer review shall be done by the members of the editorial board and invited renowned scholars in this field.

2.2. Reviewers should provide an unbiased review of the submitted paper. The review shall include assessment of relevance, novelty, scholarly importance and practical significance of the submitted paper. The reviewer’s personal criticism of the author shall be unacceptable.

2.3. The reviewers shall not be entitled to use the information to which they have gained access in the reviewing process, in their own interests, or communicate it to the third parties without prior consent of the authors.

2.4. The reviewers should make a review within the period of time fixed by the editorial board. If a reviewer is not able to provide an unbiased review within a specified period of time, they shall be obliged to notify the editorial board of it.

2.5. On the basis of the peer review results, the editorial board shall make a decision whether to accept the manuscript for publication, to return it to the author for revision, or to reject the publication of a paper.

2.6. In case any form of conflict of interests arises between the reviewer and the author, the reviewer shall be obliged to notify the editorial board thereof and to refuse from reviewing a paper.

3. Ethical standards for editorial board
3.1. The editorial board of the journal shall be responsible for making decisions regarding the papers submitted for publication.

3.2. The editorial board shall guarantee that its members, reviewers, or other invited experts will not use the manuscript materials in their own interests without the written consent of the author.

3.3. The editorial board shall undertake an obligation to make unbiased and impartial decisions regarding the manuscripts submitted to them. Relationships with all authors shall be based on the principles of justice, fairness, and politeness.

3.4. In case any mistakes or inaccuracies are found in the papers, which had already been published, the editorial board shall undertake an obligation to make all necessary corrections, retractions, or clarifications within the shortest time possible.

3.5. The editorial board shall ensure the confidentiality of the information received from the authors, reviewers, and other people involved in working with manuscripts.

3.6. All papers shall be published on open access under the terms of open license on the journal’s website, as well as in the Russian Scientific Electronic Library with the right to read, quote, cop­y, and process them for educational and research purposes under the condition of mandatory reference to the journal and the authors of the publication.

3.7. Commercial use of papers shall be permitted only with a special written permission of the publisher.

4. Conflict of Interests
All persons concerned should avoid all forms of conflicts at all stages of accepting the paper for publication. People, who found any form of conflict, should notify the editorial board thereof.